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Tamaño original

March (15 of 1997) Espinal, Tolima. I have lived all my life in the town of

Espinal. I started my studies in college Rafael Uribe Uribe, there curse the

firs three grades student. Then go to Manuel Antonio Bonilla headquarters,

where I graduated with basic primary education.

Tamaño original

My family consists of my father, my mother, my brother and my sister. My sister

is not in the picture because it could not be that day, she studied law and is 17 years old.

My brother is 18, studied international business. My mother is 43, she is a housewife and my

father 53 years, he is a lawyer.

Tamaño original

My parrots Federico and Martin are my two parrotsa year ago I have them, my uncle

gave them to me. Federico is younger than Martin. Federico is the mosj judicious, as much as

Martin does not bite and eat less than. Martin on the other hand, is more mischievous, likes to bite

the first thing to find and eat a lot, sings at night and in the day to do so otherwise Federico singing

in the day and rest at night.

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Tamaño original

My relationship with my friends is very good. In this photo is my friend Luisa,

I know three years ago and studied Psychology, next to her is her cousin, who is 14 years old Mayra

and I know the last 4 four years and with Santiago (below it) study in Rosario College , Andres is

13 and studying at the Colegio San Isidoro.

Tamaño original

Being in the computer and an Internet connection is one of the things I like to do.

During this time I like to be on social networks and look at things from personal interest, listen to

music, play online, look at photos and images of the moments of my life, download music, download games

researching topics that catch my attention and much more.

Tamaño original

When I finished my bachelor studies at the Colegio Nacional San Isidoro,

I hope to go to college, to continue my studies. My purpose in college is to study criminology

and graduated in this race, and when you do this to apply my knowledge and be someone in my life.

I hope to make and keep these dreams to be satisfied with my life.

Tamaño original

After finishing school, I hope to go to college to study criminology, What university?

Manuela Beltran is one of the best universities in the country in this area. This university whatever

with all the resources and means to make their students acquire knowledge in large criminalogia and

end of the race is a great specialists.

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